New Software Implementation

Customized Training and Rollout

Client is a state agency within the state or Arizona that services hundreds of thousands of individuals within Phoenix and surrounding areas of Arizona. Client is headquartered in Phoenix, with various locations throughout the state of Arizona. Client has thousands of internal employees and many external customers.


Client is looking to roll out a brand new purchasing and accounts payable software solution. This new software will be used not only internally by the state agency, but also externally by vendors and customers of the state agency. Because software is proprietary and customized, there is no off-the-shelf training solution available. The only available options are for a non-customized version of the software that is not applicable in most instances to what users are actually working with on a daily basis.


New Horizons is contracted to build and develop a series of courses to ensure a smooth and efficient adoption of the new software. Various course titles are developed for different job roles including internal staff and external users. Training is developed in a multitude of formats including traditional instructor-led classroom training, virtual online live training as well as self-paced web-based training. Users are able to access the specific courses that benefit them most in the formats that are easiest for their schedule and align most with their learning style. New Horizons also engages in the instruction of the classes, delivering hundreds of classes for the state agency over the course of 12 months.


The project is a major success as the software is adopted and implemented successfully within the organization. With all the resources provided, users are able to find answers to their questions quickly without having to burden the help desk with basic questions. The overall user is highly educated in the new software and understands clearly how to navigate through the software successfully. Because of the education, the state agency is able to streamline processes and cut down on much of the lost time due to errors and omissions in paperwork. Overall the ROI is huge and the client is very happy with the results. The $100M software project is a total winner thanks to a small investment in training and implementation.

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