Instructor-Led Training

New Collaboration and Meeting Device

Client is a major technology player worldwide that specializes in consumer and business products and services. Company is headquartered in the Western part of the United States with locations worldwide and billions of customers. They have strong market share and strong current products and services and are always on the cutting edge of technology.


Client is a launching a brand-new revolutionary meeting collaboration device designed to advance the way people work together naturally. Device will combine traditional whiteboard features with unified communications and collaboration tools never before put together on one device. This device is designed to revolutionize how people meet and collaborate. The problem and goal is to design a training program to create adoption of the device within organizations and teach team members how to use it effectively.


New Horizons is contracted to create and develop an interactive and engaging training program that will empower students to use and embrace the new collaboration device. Training is created for multiple user groups and job roles in order to maximize user interaction time and create the best ROI for the client. A total of 5 classes are created including end-user classes, power-user classes and train the trainer classes for larger organizations. New Horizons creates a worldwide rollout of the training, starting in the United States and moving to Canada, Europe and Asia, starting with the Fortune 500 clients and moving through the smaller clients.


New Horizons is able to create a robust and engaging training program that is tailored to specific job roles creating a big uptick in engagement and adoption. Client sees a major upswing in utilization of the device within the organization as well as different individuals engaged. End-clients see a major upswing in productivity and enthusiasm with regards to meeting and collaboration. Employees in other countries and cities across the globe are able to meet in a much more robust and engaging manner and fully understand and embrace the capabilities of this collaboration device. Training continues to be ongoing, as many end-clients end up requesting additional training specific to certain job roles and meeting types. Overall engagement and adoption is up over 100% and device is slowly gaining more market share and adoption across the world.

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