New Process Implementation

Customized Training and Rollout

Client is a major utility provider headquartered in the Phoenix, Arizona area that supplies power to many customers within the Southwest Region of the United States. Client has multiple locations throughout Arizona and the Southwest and is continually growing and adding new locations and employees to their organization.


Client is looking to roll out a brand-new Project Execution Framework to change and improve process internally. Client has created the process and has all the pieces in place to execute the process, but needs to find a way to roll it out internally so that it is understood, adopted and executed properly. There are multiple departments and groups that will be involved in this process in multiple locations, so there will need to be different options for training and adoption. Client is looking to roll this out quickly, targeting a 3-4 week turnaround from beginning of project.


New Horizons is contracted to help build and deliver this training. We are tasked with creating and building advanced PowerPoint presentations to present topics, real-world examples to augment training, hands-on job aids to help employees understand the new process and an overall engaging and motivating training launch to get employees excited about the new process. Because this process is specific to this organization, everything is fully customized and created from scratch. New Horizons is tasked with training the trainers within the organization and getting the power users up to speed so that they can then roll it out internally.


New Horizons delivers on the client needs creating a top notch presentation and full curriculum design to roll out the new process to the client. New Horizons stays on board after the initial train-the-trainer and power-user courses to observe and help consult on future trainings internally. Through a careful and planned out rollout integrated with training, client adoption is excellent and the new process is a major success. Client is seeing a high ROI on training as the internal process has been a major success and the integration into the team and culture has worked out very well.

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