We define strategic recommendations that align your vision with your learning strategy, bridging the gap between your organization’s current and ideal learning programs. Our team will turn your vision into reality with the assurance of a reliable product in a timely and cost effective manner.

You will own the content upon completion of the project, and we’ll train you and your team on how to iterate and update the program using our platform.

New Horizons provides free strategic consulting to help quickly and efficiently implement learning solutions for your organization.

We ensure customer satisfaction, with the flexibility necessary to make changes, implement further business needs, and allow for the proper quality assurance, without losing efficiency. Our Service Level Agreements are among the highest in the industry. We believe not only in deploying a robust solution, but maintaining it as well.

The New Horizons Professional Services team can work with you at every level, and use tested methods to ensure clarity and repeatability. They are experienced Learning Consultants, Project Managers, Implementation Specialists, Systems Engineers and Instructional Designers that not only managed entire custom training solutions but also ensure that in the end, employees know exactly how to use the software to maximize the success of not only the conversion but the entire organization.

Our Professional Services offerings include: Procedure Manuals, Executive Presentations, Self-Paced Training Modules, Application and Business Process Training, Interactive Video Based Training, Custom Training Guides and PowerPoint Presentations, Combined Classroom Instruction Material, Instructor-led Courseware, and more! Contact us for more information on how we can help you.

At New Horizons, we realize that most companies have training needs that extend beyond the standard course offerings. From proprietary software to new-hire training programs, we can customize our content offerings, for both synchronous and asynchronous learning types, to meet your specific needs.

Once the course(s) have been developed and tested, we can deliver the training or train other trainers to deliver the training successfully.

By working closely with established learning management vendors, New Horizons is able to ensure that our integrations can be easily implemented and managed through virtually any learning management system available. New Horizons has successfully completed integrations with both internal and vendor-based learning management systems and our intensive integration efforts allow our customers to maximize their current system investments and still be assured that their training programs will not be altered.

We use Competency Assessments- A competency is a clearly stated definition of a performance area related to success in a job role. Effective learning and the systems that maintain that learning must have methods of determining these successes, as well as providing access to the appropriate training and development activities, and evaluating their performance and growth.

We offer Competency Assessments as the tool for creating these methods. With these assessments, your organization can address the abilities of your employees and define what is required to be effective in that employee’s position.

New Horizons has various tools to allow your organization to accurately measure and benchmark each and every employee’s learning with our Learning Measurement Services.

Investing in an integrated learning program should not be completed without proper ways of measuring its success. Organizations must document the requirements for success in a way that permits accurate evaluation of individuals’ success at meeting those requirements.

Whether your company is 50 or 50,000 strong (or somewhere in between), New Horizons creates unique IT training and professional development solutions that work.

As the world’s largest independent training company, we provide training that changes lives. For companies of every size, that means continually upgrading the abilities of their employees so they stay competitive and boost their bottom lines.

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